Let’s face it; we live in a toxic world.

Pesticides, chemicals, petrochemicals, heavy metals, drugs, food additives and more, bombard our bodies daily. We live with toxins 24/7. If you have “silver” dental fillings (which are 50% mercury, a heavy metal), then you are breathing deadly mercury vapor that is inhaled and passes directly into your brain and also into your lungs and blood system to virtually all your body’s tissues. Many other toxins that you are exposed to continue to reside within your body. Toxins damage cells and impair your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and heal itself. Many of these toxins do not easily leave your body. Most of these toxins remain your body for years.

There are various ways to detoxify and often it is advantageous to use more than one method. Eating clean foods, exercising, and trying to reduce your exposure to toxins will help; however, you need to address the toxins that continue to reside in your body. One added “tool” to help your body detoxify is an ionic foot bath. Wade Harfield, the owner, and manufacturer of the B.E.S.T. ionic foot bath observes that “The human body is energy. And the body needs energy to detoxify. A lot of times the body cannot fully detoxify because it doesn’t have enough energy.” An ionic foot bath can help your body absorb the energy it needs to begin the detoxifying process. You start the ionic foot bath process by placing your feet in a water bath. Next, a module device is placed into the water. This device connects to a power source that sits outside of the foot bath and supplies a direct current to the water module. This current sets up a reaction between the metals in the unit and the water. Salt is often added to help generate positive and negative ions. Ions are atoms that have gained or lost an electron. The negative and positive ions create a magnetic field. As the electromagnetic field of the body increases, you begin to absorb the energy at a cellular level. The AMD company who manufactures The IonCleanse® writes that the IonCleanse system, “helps the body detoxify through the healing power of ions. Ions, because of their powerful charge, cleanse the body more effectively than any other method of detox. The process is safe, relaxing, and non-invasive, with no harmful side effects.” Their unit is designed to produce biocompatible frequencies that stimulate the body’s relaxation response, a crucial first step for detoxification. Over the course of the foot bath session, you will find that the water changes color. Part of the color change is due to the different properties present in the water itself interacting with the metal composition of the module. However, the charged water causes a “draw” from your body and toxins begin to release. Many practitioners who routinely use detoxifying foot baths for their patients, report various colors and flecks drawn into the water and that these multiple colors are an indicator as to which system or toxin is being affected. As you go through a series of foot baths, the colors will change with the progression of detoxification. Your detoxification process also continues through the urinary system, the colon, and the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ionic Foot Baths

Is there anyone who should avoid using an ionic foot bath? Pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, anyone who has a pacemaker or an electronic device implanted in their body, anyone who has had an organ transplant and/or is taking immunosuppressant drugs, as well as anyone who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment should avoid an ionic foot bath.

What will I experience during the session?

You may feel some tingling in your feet or just warm relaxation during your session. We provide a glass of water with electrolytes for you to drink to enhance the effect of your session.

What should I feel after the session?

This varies from person to person. Some people report feeling relaxed and a better sense of wellbeing. Others report feeling tired, but after a night’s sleep then feeling energized.

How often should I have an ionic foot bath session?

In general, you should skip 1-3 days between sessions. You do not want to detoxify too quickly. There is no limit to the number of treatments one can do; however, most sources recommend not doing it daily. The IonCleanse company recommends that adults under 50 years of age can have a footbath 3 times per week, and adults over 50 years of age can have a footbath 2 times per week.  After 12-14 sessions, take 10-14 days off.  Then the cycle may begin again. In general, for maintenance, try to cleanse one time per week.

Why should I have additional detoxifying foot baths?

We are exposed to toxins every day. A base program plus lifetime maintenance will help your body to cleanse years of toxic accumulation and help to release further accumulated toxins. You can make an appointment with one of our integrative practitioners to assess and address your toxic load. Call Us: 203-371-8258

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