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"Athletic Edge exemplifies “healing”. They were a refreshing and welcoming part of my life by teaching me the physiology of the problem and how to maintain a healthy alignment keep the muscle core lose as to not pinch the sciatic nerve. I am back to form, running, playing tennis and any sport I want to play, not to mention I am back to lifting serious weights again. I cannot say enough about Athletic Edge.” - Keith J., Athlete with Scoliosis and Severe Sciatic Pain

"I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been very appreciative of your care. I am highly recommending you to my friends and fellow frisbee players. You’re the best massage therapist that I’ve ever had and I want to spread that news. Thanks again for all that you’ve done for my husband and I." - Barbara M., Athlete and Mother

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my leg before the marathon. I had a great experience. I finished the race which I was satisfied with. My leg felt great the entire race, I am not sure I would have been able to do it without the help of you and your team. Please tell them thanks for me. I am hoping to run another one sooner than later so I am sure you will be seeing more of me! Thanks again and have a great summer." - Tori B., Athlete

"As a Professional Triathlete, keeping my body injury free and functioning at peak performance is extremely important. The therapists at Athletic Edge truly understand the pounding I give my body and know specific techniques to use to keep my muscles loose and body aligned to keep moving onto my next race. Any questions you have, they are happy to answer and will explain what they are doing and how it will benefit you. The staff are very professional and the surroundings, very relaxing. Massage is a must for everyone, you just need to get one from Athletic Edge and you too will become a regular. Thank you for your dedication to excellence in massage." - Emily Farwell, Triathlete

“Christianna Aronstam is a leader in the field of orthopedic sports massage and therapy. What sets her apart is her ability to recognize and assist in the rehabilitation of sports related injuries in a personalized approach. I trust her more than I trust anybody else in the medical profession, and would strongly recommend her to every professional athlete. She is the best therapist that I have ever worked with. Christianna has a true passion for her profession and upon meeting her, you will sense her caring and interest in giving you the best she has to offer.” - Chris Johnson, Professional Football Player

"I had been in a lot of pain for over a few weeks, when I decided to see if a massage could help. Your massage therapist’s work was AMAZING. I was astounded by how much better I felt afterwards, especially the next morning when I woke up and wasn't in pain. I was so inspired that I decided to book multiple appointments so that I can use massage as an aid for my competitive dancing. THANK YOU!" - Rachael Qualls, Dancer

“I have worked with Christianna on helping numerous patients and have found her to be an outstanding therapist with excellent skills and knowledge. She is passionate about her work and makes her patients health and well being her highest priority. Her clients love her work and think the world of her--which is the ultimate expression of clinical excellence and being a caring health care provider.” – Burton Elrod M.D., Head Team Physician of Tennessee Titans

"I'm not an athlete, but I am an active person as well as a full time student, so I put my body through a lot of stress. I never realized how much I could benefit from massage until I discovered Athletic Edge. Your therapist has helped to relieve so much discomfort in my hips and upper back! She always knows exactly what my body needs and is never short on tips for making the most of my massage and maintaining that feeling. When my hour is over, I leave relaxed and rejuvenated. Something else that I love about Athletic Edge - I met Christianna while we were both volunteering at the Race to Jack and Back 2009, so not only do I feel great when I leave the clinic, but I feel even better knowing that she truly cares about helping people and improving the lives of others! I'll never go anywhere else!" - Meadow Donnell, Student

“Christianna is the best therapist that I have ever worked with. All of the (football) players that have seen her love her, and they now refuse to see anyone else. She is extremely detail oriented, and her knowledge of the medical field is astounding. Her training, massage, and therapy skills rival the top-level therapists in North America. If I were injured, I would not see anyone else.” - Ken Woodard, ATC Tennessee Titans

"I did not know that massage could be so helpful with relieving my pain. After 3 major back surgeries I thought I would always be in pain. My physical therapist referred me to Athletic Edge to get a massage. I thought it would feel nice, but that it would not help with my back pain. I was surprised to find out how knowledgeable the therapists were and how much it helped with relieving my pain. It definitely helped me to maintain a better quality of life after my injury." - Daniel Strano, College Football Player

"I was in a car accident and at first I did not realize how much pain I was in. My chiropractor referred me to Athletic Edge when she noticed how tight my muscles were. After a few sessions I could really feel the pain dissipate until I am happy to say I am pain free and feel normal again." - Carolyn Walton, RN

"My massage has helped me not only with my triathlon training, but also with my recurring migraine headaches. My therapist used bodywork techniques that no other massage therapist has tried to alleviate pain…and it works." - Tara Cavaros, Professional Triathlete

Christianna brings sound therapy skills and a solid work ethic to her position. In addition to Christianna’s abilities as an ATC, physical therapist, and massage therapist, she communicates effectively with myself, the coach and players. She possesses an outgoing, and extremely agreeable character which helps create an environment conducive to teamwork and winning. – Shannon Gordon, ATC.,Vanderbilt University Men’s Basketball

“Through physical and massage therapy, Christianna has given me back my body. As someone who has had two compression fractures in my back repaired (Kyfoplasty), five herniated discs, and underwent a tram-flap my back could only be described as a “mess”. Christianna has helped relieve the constant back and neck pain I’ve had to contend with. She has “opened up” my hips so that I can walk normally, like a woman would, rather than someone who’s afraid to move her hips so as not to induce pain. My head, I discovered, actually is resting on a newly found neck, rather than directly on my shoulders…After undergoing surgery where lymph nodes were removed from under my arm, the range of motion in the affected arm was quite limited despite lymphedema therapy. Christianna increased my range of motion in that arm to the point of having practically normal range of motion. I don’t know where I’d be today if I didn’t have Christianna’s help. In addition to her professionalism and deep knowledge of the human anatomy, Christianna is a caring therapist and her dedication to her patients is exemplary.” - Angela Alderman, Attorney

“As a 43 year old, weekend warrior, I have a lot of fond memories of playing sports over the years. Unfortunately, they were just memories. I could no longer tolerate the pain in my feet, and had given up on all sports that required running. An MRI, two x-rays, and three “expert” opinions did nothing to heal my pain. A shoulder issue led to a referral to Athletic Edge. When we started talking about ailments, I had not even a distant hope of resortation of my feet. After all, there “was nothing physically wrong, I was just aging,” or so I was told. In just three months, you have stimulated blood flow to my feet, and that has changed my sports life. I’ve started playing basketball again! I didn’t think that was possible. Thank you for listening, for persisting, and overcoming my doubts. You do great work, and I sincerely appreciate it!”- George Regis, Accountant

“Christianna is enthusiastic about the benefits of orthopedic massage and dedicated to offering the best service possible. She has a strong commitment and posses a fire inside that drives her toward her purpose and as such, is an excellent therapist. She is one of the finest therapists that I have ever worked with, and she has my strongest recommendation.” – Tom Bossung, MED, ATC Vanderbilt University Football, Golf.

“I have had neck and shoulder tension/pain for 10 years now. I have been to multiple message therapists, all of whom rubbed my knots without changing a thing. It felt good while they were rubbing, but I was just as tense the next day. In the 6 months that I have been seeing Christianna Aronstam, I have found relief. With each treatment, my muscles are more pliable and the knots are unraveling. Christianna finds the tension spots and, somehow, gets the muscles to let go. And it lasts. The muscles stay relaxed. Christianna teaches you techniques to supplement what she is doing in the office, but I think she is the magic. Now, the pain is gone, my range of motion is improved, and my posture is more erect. The difference with Christianna is, you don't just feel better, you are better!” - Jackie Merrit, MD

“Athletic Edge has changed my life. I was in excruciating pain when I first started seeing Christianna. My back was as hard as a rock, my sciatic nerve was constantly on fire, and I had limited range of motion. I tried numerous methods of treatment, but with only temporary relief or limited results. I now have mobility and a quality of life I never thought I would regain. Therapeutic massage is now a part of my monthly wellness plan, and I use it more for relaxation than a weekly medical necessity. Christianna is extremely professional, caring, and fully invested in seeing her patients recover fully. I can’t say enough about her or Athletic Edge.” - Jennifer O’Neal, Cyclist

“I have had massage therapy for several years from different therapists, but I was hooked after one appointment with Christianna. Christianna not only treats and relieves specific muscular pain and stiffness with the latest therapeutic techniques, she also helps me address causes and achieve wellness by teaching me proper stretching exercises and mechanics.” – Will Pendleton, Swimmer