Sports Medicine
Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy includes a comprehensive assessment, customized treatment, and continuous management of musculoskeletal conditions that affect movement and mobility. Our sports therapists’ assessment of each athlete includes a functional screening, which is utilized to create the treatment plan with a combination of appropriate modalities.

Injury Prevention
How can I prevent an injury from occurring? Injury prevention consists of multiple steps, the first being identification. Acute injuries are caused by instability or structural misalignment of a particular region of the body. Identification includes assessing what region of the body is injured and what region is overcompensating. A comprehensive musculoskeletal and orthopedic assessment allows our therapists to identify areas that have been injured and assists in creating an individualized treatment plan for each injury. Our treatment plans include corrective exercises to utilize in the office as well as at home exercises that will be provided.

Performance Management and Maintenance Therapy
Performance management and maintenance is a crucial aspect of training to ensure that the body is functioning at 100% and without discomfort or pain. When an athlete focuses on performance management the ability to train harder and faster increased, and recovery time is reduced to ensure that they are achieving the most out of their time and effort. At Athletic Edge we use “hands on” soft tissue manipulation and create the appropriate recovery program for each athlete and each injury.

Certain conditions require more performance management; where as structural issues require maintenance therapy. We utilize maintenance therapy to not only treat different conditions but to also in the prevention of injury. Through the use of maintenance therapy we can identify biomechanical issues and imbalances faster providing corrections before it becomes a major issue.

Treating Aches and Pains
Fatigue, muscular tension, overuse, and daily stresses are some of the most common causes to aches and pains. When addressing aches and pains it is important to treat the issue before other regions of the body are affected. When other regions of the body start to compensate the issue has become worse and it inevitably takes longer to recover from. Athletic Edge therapists focus not only on the symptoms on hand but on the cause of the aches and pains as well.