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Sports Nutrition

Fuel Your Performance

Are you bored with eating the same foods over and over again? Have you tried multiple “fad” diets hoping to see results? Are you doing everything you possibly can with your workouts, while burning thousands of calories and still not hitting your goal numbers? Are you crashing or hitting a wall when you need to be performing at your best? How consistent is your approach to your diet as an athlete? Do you consider the nutrients every meal will provide your body and does it align with the physical demands of your training your body, or do you follow a more free-flowing philosophy? The reality is the foods you choose to fuel your body with matters. Unfortunately, this is a common area where many athletes struggle, but do not be discouraged we are here to help.

When you put 100% into your training and recovery but are not putting in the same effort into nourishing your body, the chances of maximizing your athletic potential is highly unlikely. Smart nutritional choices are important and can be a critical factor when determining the ability to reach your body composition, strength, performance, and recovery goals.

How do you fuel your body?
How athletes fuel their bodies for success is a major component of the Athletic Edge model. Our staff will educate and guide you to develop smart and sustainable nutritional choices that will help you achieve peak performance, reduce the risk of injury, all while speeding up recovery times. Our nutritional assessments examine dietary, training, and lifestyle to determine areas of improvement, and identify factors that may be inhibiting the ability to achieve goals. Hitting the right number of calories or consuming certain food groups are only a factor in properly fueling your body. Other factors that need to be focused on include intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and other macro-nutrients because these all have a direct effect on level of performance reached, as well as how your body responds to training. Missed gains, or peak performance can be a result of not providing your body with the physical nutrients that are necessary. Make the gains and peak performances by having an organized nutritional plan customized to your needs and goals.

Wondering who would benefit from a sports nutritional consultation?
The short answer is everyone who has the desire to improve his or her health, wellbeing, and performance. Regardless of age, gender, or ability, the staff at Athletic Edge can educate, while providing strategies to accomplish both immediate and long-term benefits.

Finding the balanced approach that works for your body and sport…
How do we help you develop a high performance sports nutrition plan? We first start with an in-depth assessment which; examines your current diet, training regimen, and survey your current lifestyle. The information gained from the initial assessment allows the staff to easily prepare a report that covers how you should tackle the difficult task of finding balance. Athletic Edge will advise you on the types of foods, quantity, and the appropriate times to fuel your body that are all ideal for each individual need. We even explore how to fuel your body in the time leading up to an intense competition, so when the start time arrives, you are in peak condition and know you did everything possible. Athletic Edge will take every critical step with you as you learn about how to fuel your body, how it affects your performance, and make genuine ongoing enhancements to benefit your sport and health.

Contact Athletic Edge to discover all of your options today!
The staff at Athletic Edge is excited to teach and guide you through building your own peak performance nutrition plan addressing all your individual needs as an athlete. We offer a variety of services varying from face-to-face, Skype, or phone consultations, group lectures, menu, and food diary analysis, and so much more. Schedule a consultation now to discuss your particular needs and we will develop a plan just for you!