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Using Acupressure Massage to Relieve a Migraine

Using Acupressure Massage to Relieve a Migraine

Shiatsu is a form of acupressure massage, that focuses on zoning on key pressure points and tender spots in the body. When performed in a whole-body massage, shiatsu helps to relieve tension, reduce stress, increase joint and muscle flexibility, and unblock energy. Shiatsu massage comes from a combination of Japanese healing methods, and uses only finger and pulse points to generate a flow of valuable energy to various areas of the body.

Treatments range from respiratory problems, digestive issues, and other mental health benefits of massage. Migraine headache sufferers can also benefit from this holistic approach, as the finger pressure used in the cranial area and temples, brings potential for sufficient relief from stress.

Migraine headaches are a result of built up tension and either a blockage of blood flow and energy, or ‘overflow’ to the base of the head and spinal cord. This in turn results in blurry vision, a progressive headache, and often creates a period of discomfort and anxiety for the migraine sufferer. Migraine headaches are often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and may require a few hours of rest in a cool, dark place to subside. For those who use prescription drugs for their migraine problems, the drugs are designed to decrease blood flow to the area and bring relief. Progesterone shots are another method for women who get cyclical migraines along with their menstrual cycle. However, the tension and congested energy from a migraine headache can be released with simple techniques from shiatsu massage.

In addition, shiatsu massage helps migraine headache sufferers with issues of digestive distress such as nausea and vomiting. This is because it also may help relieve tension built up in the stomach region, and provides just one step towards overall balancing.

Shiatsu massage technique can bring relief for not only migraine headache sufferers, but a variety of ailments including digestive disorders, respiratory problems, emotional balancing, and overall relaxation. This ancient Asian ritual is practiced in a variety of forms and levels today, from simple to advanced. You can find a practitioner in your local area by looking into holistic medicine and alternative therapy, or practice some simple techniques yourself.

If your migraine headaches become, or are, progressively severe, its best to consult with your physician or health care provider for resources and additional support you may need.