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It's Time To Refresh, Rejuvenate, Relax... And Get Healthy

It's Time To Refresh, Rejuvenate, Relax... And Get Healthy

Monday - 6:30am, you've got to get the kids out the door, they can't be late for school, again... Big meeting at work today, you've been up all night doing prep work... Your whole body aches after spending hour after hour in front of the computer... Stuck in traffic on 101... Who doesn't love Bay Area traffic... An hour later, finally make it to work... Only a few minutes late... Your head is already throbbing, your back hurts, your neck feels stiff... You're counting the hours until it's Friday again...

Believe it or not, your body may be trying to tell you something. Aches, pains and irritability may be due to more than just a hard day at the office or school. That cold you've been trying to get over for weeks could be lingering around for a bigger reason. There are no ribbons, no walks, runs or relays, and no wristbands to honor those who suffer from this condition. Yet, millions suffer from it.

We're talking about stress. Stress can affect people both physically and mentally. It can make them sick, affect well-being and actually change a person's thoughts, behaviors and even personalities. All those symptoms notwithstanding, stress is something that is often shrugged off.

The good news it that stress can be combated. But its cure is not in the form of a miracle pill. Instead, it is something that takes a little effort on the part of the stress sufferer. There are many things that can relieve stress, such as exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and even a relaxing hobby. But, there is probably not a more enjoyable method of stress relief than a massage.

Therapeutic massage is a remarkable tool to use for coping with stress. It's a deeply relaxing practice helps you feel more relaxed physically and mentally, as well as recharge and restore energy and creativity. But how do the hands of a massage therapist work as a cure to the negative effects of stress on the body, mind and spirit? There are several reasons.
  • Release of Muscle Tension - Muscle tension is one of the tell-tale signs of stress, a sometimes painful one at that. It can literally be rubbed away by seeing a massage therapist. With kneading and stretching techniques muscles and muscle tissues are loosened. Repeated sessions can even begin to reverse the muscle contractions that make them feel so tight. In addition, this causes endorphins to be released into the blood stream. Since endorphins are the body's own natural pain killer, this heightens the feeling of relief of aching muscles.
  • Increased Circulation - When circulation increases from a massage, the blood carries out unwanted and unneeded waste products, and also helps cleanse cells with nutrients that are vital to repair tissue. Because of the toxins being released, water is provided to after sessions to help the body replenish, without drinking water to help release toxics, flu-like symptoms can occur. Increased circulation can also go right to your head, meaning an oxygen increase will occur in your brain, reducing mental fatigue and heightening concentration. Many people also report that because all of this, emotional problems, anxiety and depression actually fade away as well for several days.
  • Improved Sleep - Another major inhibitor of stress is lack of sleep or troublesome sleep, which results in fatigue. The quality of restful sleep improves greatly during the few days following a massage. If you are sleeping more, your body has more of a chance to repair and restore energy levels.