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Massage Therapy Provides More Than Relaxation

How Massage Therapy Provides More Than Relaxation

Massage has long been considered a way in which we relax or recovery from injury. In many salons and spas, today, massage therapists are offering a variety of specialty massages to treat ailments, promote relaxation and even promote health for pregnant women who desire a pregnancy massage.

But, did you know that massages provide more than relaxation and recovery from injury? There are many facets of massage that the average consumer is not even aware of. For example, if you suffer from a sleep disorder, massage can improve your sleep by increasing delta waves, promoting deep sleep both on the massaging table and in the days following massage, when you return home.

Preparing for a test or significant presentation at work? Massage is a great way to boost your brain function, including memory. This is the reason that many employers, today, are promoting the use of 15-minute chair massages during the workday. Promoting brain wave activity, massage can provide an improved state of awareness and increase alertness, great for anyone who needs a boost of brain power within the 24 hours after a massage.

Beyond injuries, other mental and physical ailments can also be remedied and prevented with massage. For example, because massage therapy promotes the release of natural antibodies, boosting the immune system, while also decreasing the level of cortisol, associated with stress, you can decrease the risk of catching the common cold, suffering from depression and even remedy many of the complaints associated with PMS.

In recent studies, it has been found that massage may stimulate the activity of the left side of the brain which is the side of the brain that is most active when we are pleased, happy or excited. While the right side of the brain is depressed, leaving less opportunity for sadness, stress and depression. In fact, massage is a great way to improve the mental and physical health of patients who are anxious about surgery or chemotherapy.

While spas and salons across the country offer a variety of excellent services to their clients, massage is probably one of the most beneficial services. Unfortunately, most clients are only familiar with the restful, relaxation and injury recovery aspects of massage and fail to realize the many other therapeutic benefits.

If you suffer from PMS, depression, the common cold, or just need a boost of brain power and help with sleeping at night, consider a massage as your all natural choice for treatment at your next visit. Schedule your appointment with Athletic Edge today!