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Massage For Scoliosis

Do You Have Scoliosis?
Have you been diagnosed with scoliosis? Is it visible in the mirror or more subtle? Is it causing you back or hip pain?

Massage Therapy Can Help!
If you weren’t born with scoliosis it’s likely that this curve is related to your posture. Even if you were born with it, we can help.

At Athletic Edge, we understand that your scoliosis can be limiting and sometimes mentally challenging…and we’re here to provide treatments for your specific curve(s). Our massage therapists are skilled in injury rehab and pain relief.

Understanding and Treating Scoliosis
Scoliosis is a bending of the spine from side to side. This bending is accompanied by a spinal rotation and often an un-level pelvis. Unfortunately, the rotation of the spine sometimes gets overlooked and goes untreated. This condition often gets more severe and limiting over time and we are committed to helping unwind this pattern as much as your body allows. We have worked with numerous scoliosis patients with excellent results visibly and have helped to provide great pain relief.

Why Choose Athletic Edge?
Our massage therapists are committed to help you understand your curve and your accompanying spinal rotation and will give you specific stretches and exercises to help offset your imbalances. We have helped many clients reduce their curves as shown in x-rays before/after our treatments. Let's work together to help relieve your pain.

Our trained therapists will provide directional myofascial release specific to your pattern, a series of muscle energy techniques to unwind your neuromuscular holding, active stretching and release to release your tight muscles and trigger point therapy treatments to your hyper-irritated muscles.

Our Experience
In addition to working with many local athletes and professional sports teams, the staff at Athletic Edge works in conjunction with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and other health care professionals to provide our clients with the highest level of care possible. We have treated everything from pulled muscles, whiplash and joint pain to scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and severe nerve pain.

Questions About How We Can Help With Your Scoliosis Pain?

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