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Hydromassage Therapy

Hydro-Massage: A relaxing treatment that helps relieve your pain and stress.

From the moment you lay down until your session ends, you’ll understand why our hydromassage table is so popular! This “hands off” therapy massages your back, neck and shoulders without anyone ever touching you. You don’t get undressed and there are no oils or lotions used. You simply lie back onto a water-filled mattress and a series of spa jets direct streams of warm water against your body. The rhythmic action of the jets helps loosen tight muscles and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation.

If you only have a short period of time, come in and melt some of your stress away! Hydromassage is also a great addition before or after your massage...

Hydromassage as a proven natural remedy has been known and used for years. The history of hydro therapy goes centuries back, as far as ancient Greece, but it was truly made popular by Romans, who introduced the benefits of bathing and massage to the countries they conquered. Roman public baths were always recognized as a great source of relaxation where members of high society and all free people alike could enjoy the benefits of hot and cold water as well as massage.

The modern history on hydromassage begins with a man named Tobias Smollet. He wrote an essay on the water cure, which remarked that the pumped water was good for "hysterical disorders, obstruction of the menses and all cases which it was necessary to make a revulsion from the head and to invite the juices downward". Since the sixties of the twentieth century, hydro massage has been gaining popularity. Every year more advanced hydro massage tools and equipment appear, making it easily available to many people, as these tools and equipment can be easily used at people's homes.

Today hydromassage is one of the most requested and popular forms of massage.

• An effective alternative to hands-on massage
• Diminishes aches and pains
• You will move easier and with less pain
• Increases blood circulation to help your body function better
• Feel more relaxed and calm
• Helps reduce stress and fatigue so your mind is clearer
• Helps relieve your pain so your body can function more normally
• Promotes tissue healing and repair
• Helps remove metabolic toxins
• Lessens general nervousness
• No need to undress

Only Available At Our Walnut Creek Location