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Rejuvenating Heat Therapy Products

Stress, aches and pains. No matter what our profession, age, or gender, all of us deal with stress and at one time or another will have minor or major pain issues. None of us are immune -- achy necks, sore shoulders, tired eyes, sinus pain and lower back discomfort are common hindrances to any lifestyle. Effective stress and pain reducers can help relieve these symptoms.

As nice as it would be to get massage work on a daily basis, that's not always possible, so we wanted to bring you a way to relax at home between your massage care!

One of the most effective and easy to implement all natural alternatives is the use of heat and cold therapy. When heat is applied to sore, achy or injured muscles it causes them to relax and increases blood flow. The increased blood flow speeds recovery, reduces pain and allows the muscles to relax. When cold therapy is applied alternately to an injury, the muscles constrict, swelling is reduced and pain is alleviated. Hot packs and cold compresses have been used successfully for many years, and are being used and recommended by health professionals more than ever.

The most effective and convenient way to apply heat or cold to your sore, achy muscles is with heating or cooling pads. Heating pads and cooling packs allow you to apply the heat or cold directly to the areas that need relief. Heating pads are heated easily in the microwave and cooling packs are cooled by simply throwing them in freezer. Heating and cooling pads are all natural, safe, convenient and extremely effective.

Here at Athletic Edge we carry the best microwaveable thermal heating and cooling pads in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for any application. Our pads can be used as either a heating or cooling packs. We use these products with our clients during some of our deeper or therapeutic massage work,and are made from quality durable, luxurious fabrics that are lightweight, comfortable, made to last and most importantly work. When used as a heating pad the pads are heated quickly and provide constant heat for as long as an hour, depending on the wrap size, resulting in sustained relaxation and relief. Put the pads inside a plastic bag in the freezer for two hours to convert them to a cold pack and apply where needed for relief of pain, swelling, heat rash or even sunburn. All of our heating and cooling pads are covered in soft and comfy fabric and can be either surface washed or put in the washing machine.

Our hot packs and cooling pads range in size and uses from small eye pillows, to medium sized neck and shoulder wraps, to large back wraps, body blankets and slippers. All of our heating and cooling pads and wraps are non-electric and do not use batteries. This saves you a ton of money in the long run. Most of our heat packs are infused with soothing herbal aromatherapy scents that are activated by heat. These special non-allergenic aromatherapy blends calm the senses and enhance the effectiveness of the moist heat as it penetrates deeply into the muscle tissue.

Perfect for gift-giving, when you buy one for yourself, pick out an extra few to have on hand for last minute gifts. Your body needs to be handled with loving care, use for heating and cooling wraps to take care of yourself between massages, and as a way to relax and heal your body on a daily basis.