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Why is Ergonomics important?

Over 250 billion dollars was spent on work-related injuries and illnesses in 2017 in the United States alone. Recent studies have shown that muscle strains, and repetitive strain injuries specifically; lower back pain, headaches, and carpel tunnel syndrome are the world’s most common work-related disabilities.

Ergonomics utilizes body size, strength, skill, speed, sensory abilities (e.g. vision or hearing) and attitudes of every individual to create a safe, comfortable, and productive workspace by bringing human abilities and limitations into the design.

How Athletic Edge uses ergonomics to help your business...
Athletic Edge will assess the current workspace and implement ergonomically friendly changes to improve the working conditions for your employees resulting in more efficient and productive workers.

Ergonomics in the Workplace
Ergonomics plays an important role in the difference between a productive and non-productive worker. Problems associated with poor ergonomics includes but not limited to:
• Back pain
• Headaches
• Leg cramps
• Neck pain
• Poor posture
• Tension in the hands and arms
• Tight muscles and joints
These problems inevitably affect productivity.

Ergonomic assessments of a workstation and individuals movement techniques identifies potential areas of issue and improvement such as:
• Ambient noise
• Equipment set-up (e.g. computer screens, telephones, keyboards etc)
• Lifting techniques
• Lighting
• Repetition of movement
• Seating
• Work surface
Benefits of an ergonomic workstation
• Alleviated pain in affected areas
• Boost efficiency
• Enhance awareness and management of risks
• Increase overall comfort
• Reduce fatigue in neck, upper limb, and eyes
• Reduce injury

Athletic Edge’s Ergonomic Consultation
We aim to improve the ergonomics in your workplace and believe that it will greatly affect your company’s performance and success. We base our consultation and assessments on sound research our your business allowing us to make our solutions specific to your business’ needs, problems, and goals.

Consultation Benefits include
• Boost workers’ morale and employment satisfaction
• Enhanced work efficiency
• Minimize loss of expertise/ skill base
• Mitigate losses related to lost time related to injuries, redeployment, or permanent disability of your workers
• Promote an improved safety culture and safe work practices
• Reduce absenteeism
• Reduce recruitment and retaining costs
• Reduce staff turnover
• Remove/ reduce feeling of resentment towards your business

Make your company a safer and more productive workplace by scheduling a consultation with Athletic Edge today.