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Athletic Edge Clinics & Events

Athletic Edge provides clinics throughout the long California running, cycling and triathlon seasons year-round. We also offer massage at many sporting events around the region and even travel to select events nationwide. Are you interested in having our therapists at your next sporting event? Would you like to host a bodywork clinic for your group? Read more about our most popular clinics below and contact us today!

2011-2012 Events Schedule: Check back for updates soon! Athletic Edge can be found at various events and are available to schedule events for your club, team or group.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - Seminar at Facebook - Palo Alto, CA
"Stretching and Wellness for Engineers"
- We'll cover ways to keep your body pain free, improve mental alertness, reduce stress and fatigue, and make you feel better!

Our Most Popular Clinics:

"Learn Post-Event Sports Massage"
Have you ever has a training partner get a calf cramp and not know what to do about it? Ever wonder how to give a sports massage?  Well, Athletic Edge thinks massage is like CPR: everyone should know it.  And they're going to show you how at this free clinic.  This is a hands-on clinic, so be willing to massage and be massaged. Bring a beach towel, and wear shorts because the emphasis will be on legs. Wear socks if you don't like to be barefoot.


"Foam Roll and Flexibility Techniques for Athletes"
You're heard about foam rolling or the technical name "self myofascial release."  Now, learn how to roll those knots and kinks out of your IT Bands and quads right away.  Athletic Edge will show you how at this interactive clinic.  Ask any professional athlete if stretching is necessary.  You'll get a "well, duh!"  Learn some easy to master stretches for the major muscle groups that will keep you limber and ready to race.  Learn to keep it simple, brief, and effective with this clinic by Athletic Edge.  Wear workout or yoga clothing, bring socks if you don't like to be barefoot.


"Self Massage For Athletes"
Is your body sore from training, but you're too short on time for a sports massage?  This clinic is for you. Learn some basic self massage techniques using your hands, forearms, elbows, and a few simple tools.  Athletic Edge will show you how at this free clinic.  We'll try out "The Stick" massage tool, so bring it if you have one. We'll be working on legs a lot, so wear shorts for this clinic please.  Wear socks if you don't like to be barefoot.