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Athletic Edge Services

ART (Active Release Technique)
This treatment style applies direct pressure on a muscle with active stretching and movement techniques where the massage therapist and client work together to produce a release in a muscle or muscle group. Active stretching differs from passive stretching in that the client is an active participant moving, gently resisting or engaging specific muscles as instructed by the therapist.

Biomechanics and Postural Assessment
How would you like to quickly improve your athletic performance, and massively reduce risk of injury, all while optimizing your health by emphasizing one simple concept? Proper posture is the foundation of optimal performance, and it is easily overlooked even though it can provide endless benefits. Let Athletic Edge bring proper posture to the forefront of your training plan by getting a postural assessment today!

Ergonomic Evaluations
Over 250 billion dollars was spent on work-related injuries and illnesses in 2017 in the United States alone. Recent studies have shown that muscle strains, and repetitive strain injuries specifically; lower back pain, headaches, and carpel tunnel syndrome are the world’s most common work-related disabilities. Athletic Edge will assess the current workspace and implement ergonomically friendly changes to improve the working conditions for your employees resulting in more efficient and productive workers.

Performance Coaching
An athlete learns, develops, and improves upon the skills needed to cultivate a strong mental game, it is not something they are born with. Young athletes tend to prioritize the technical skills, tactical strategy, and physical athleticism over the mental aspect of the sport. As these athletes age and mature the mental aspect begins to develop, and as Michael Jordan stated this is the aspect of the game that separates the good from the great.

Sleep Science
While it may seem like all athletes do is train, this is not true. A study that was preformed on over 3,000 athletes determined that practice only accounts for 18% of performance. Wondering what the other 82% of performance consists of, and what athletes do to prepare for high-level competitions? For one thing, they sleep. Even though most people understand how important sleep is, sleep is typically the aspect of training that is overlooked or pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

Sports Massage
Sports massage helps improve athletic performance, recovery time, and prevents injuries. This style of work combines structural integration with neuromuscular, myofascial, therapeutic deep tissue, and Swedish techniques and is recognized as an effective component of any training program. These treatments are specific to your individual needs, and beneficial for your on-going maintenance, before or after an event/race.

Sports Nutrition
Are you bored with eating the same foods over and over again, or have you tried multiple "fad" diets hoping to finally see results? Are you doing everything you possibly can in your physical training, burning thousands of calories and still not hitting your goal numbers? Are you crashing or hitting the wall when you are expected to be performing at your best? If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, the staff at Athletic Edge is here for you! Through a variety of nutritional based services that we provide, we will share our love of good food and support your individual needs by working with you to create a nutritional plan that is perfect for you and your goals.

Sports Therapy
Sports therapy is an advanced system of musculoskeletal techniques and treatment that examines the body as a whole, while targeting specific injuries to give you the most beneficial form of treatment available. Sports therapy incorporates rehabilitation exercises and stretches to balance the body and prevent the injury from happening and/or returning. We will customize your treatment plan, educate you on your imbalances, and demonstrate stretches and strengthening routines. We want you to be able to go further, push harder, and achieve your goals, all while remaining injury free.

Structural Integration (Rolfing)

Structural Integration is a scientifically validated body therapy. Unlike massage, Structural Integration focuses not on the muscles but on their protective layer, called fascia (also known as connective tissue). Muscles are contracting tissues that give the body and organs physical movement. The fascia surrounds the muscles, bones and organs in the body, giving muscles their shape, and body structure. Structural Integration aligns and balances the body by lengthening, and repositioning the fascia allowing the muscles to move more efficiently. Our therapists will apply pressure to the body, working the entire fascial system in a systematic way. When restricted fascia is released and lengthened the body can return to its structurally optimal position.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
This massage style can be a full-body session or can focus on specific area of the body e.g. neck, hips, or legs. This work is designed to release your deeper muscle layers and provide relief from acute or chronic pain patterns, while assessing the cause of your discomfort. During deep tissue work muscles release tension, and toxins allowing blood and oxygen to circulate properly. Our therapists will help you understand your body to assist in realigning your posture, while creating a maintenance program to unwind your patterns of restriction.

TMJ (Jaw Pain) Therapy
If you have been diagnosed with TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) or have pain in the jaw, by the ears, forehead, back of the head, neck and/or shoulders, a therapeutic TMJ massage may be right for you. Treatment consists of massage to the neck, shoulders, facial, and muscles of the mouth. We will focus treatment on your chewing muscles, eliminating any trigger points, and pain referral areas by releasing tension in the fascia around the jaw, neck, head and face, all of which affect jaw alignment and tension. This treatment also includes intraoral massage to the masseter muscles to reduce the stress it can put on the jaw and temporomandibular joints. Pain is frequently aggravated by clenching and/or grinding of the teeth, causing damage to the joints due to disease, arthritis or trauma to the face. Intraoral massage is an effective treatment for clients who suffer from TMJ dysfunction, trigger point-related headaches or excess jaw tension. Latex-free gloves are worn while working inside the mouth to release the muscles and fascia involved in mastication and jaw clenching.