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At Athletic Edge, YOU and YOUR needs are our primary focus.
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Transforming injuries into wellness and helping athletes achieve peak performance is the mission of Athletic Edge.


Athletic Edge is a proud leader in managing athletes' physical and mental state. Every athlete needs constant attention to maintain their physical and mental state, improve their performance, and increase their overall quality of life. At Athletic Edge, we recognize that each athlete is an individual, and that every sport provides different needs, but caring for these athletes is essentially the same. Utilizing all aspects of training from physical and mental training, sports therapy, and listening to the needs of the body, is the key to success. This allows the mind to trust the body, providing the best chance to succeed.

We seek a work-life balance in a world where this rarely exists. The challenges are the same whether you are involved in the high pressure tech world of Silicon Valley or the professional world of sports. We all fight to maintain a healthy balance, and perform at maximum potential while facing the challenges of an ever-changing fast-paced world.

Over the past decade, Athletic Edge has used science-based methods to provide the tools to individuals, teams, and organizations to experience a better quality of life, in return increasing their performance. These methods have been used in the most challenging environments of sports and business.

Let us join you on your journey to success.

Sports Therapy

We understand athletes!
Whether you are a weekend warrior, professional athlete, or somewhere in between, our therapists emphasize each of your individual needs.

Sports therapy is an advanced system of musculoskeletal techniques and treatment that
examines the body as a whole, while targeting specific injuries to give you the most beneficial form of treatment available. Sports therapy incorporates rehabilitation exercises and stretches to balance the body and prevent the injury from happening and/or returning.

We will customize your treatment plan, educate you on your imbalances, and demonstrate stretches and strengthening routines.

We want you to be able to go further, push harder, and achieve your goals, all while remaining injury free.

We've worked with professional athletes and teams since 2002.

Small Changes In Lifestyle = Improved Performance

At Athletic Edge, our goal to help each individual live the best life while continuing to enjoy improved performance. At Athletic Edge, we offer coaching and wellness services to individuals, teams, and organizations. We offer services such as: postural assessment, sports therapy, structural integration, ergonomic evaluations, and sports nutrition to individuals, teams, and organizations. The theory behind all of our services is evidence and scientific based, allowing our therapists to analyze the big picture and the minute details.


Looking At The Big Picture Through The Details

We do not have a magic wand, and we do not provide any quick fixes. We equip each person with the tools needed to achieve their desired results, and provide accountability to maintain the results. Optimal long-lasting results take time to achieve, but we see each improvement no matter how small, and help you see how these improvements build up to the desired goal.


    Posture For Performance

    How would you like to quickly improve your athletic performance, and massively reduce risk of injury, all while optimizing your health by emphasizing one simple concept?
    Proper posture is the foundation of optimal performance, and it is easily overlooked even though it can provide endless benefits. Let Athletic Edge bring proper posture to the forefront of your training plan by getting a postural assessment today!

    ** Where we work in Formula One, Sebastian Vettel is not one of our athletes.  As a four-time world champion in Formula One, we felt that he is a prime example of an elite athlete with postural issues. These issues could potentially affect his reaction time, career, and even leave life-long issues.

    The Secret Food of Athletes -

    Are you bored with eating the same foods over and over again, or have you tried multiple "fad" diets hoping to finally see results? Are you doing everything you possibly can in your physical training, burning thousands of calories and still not hitting your goal numbers? Are you crashing or hitting the wall when you are expected to be performing at your best?
    If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, the staff at Athletic Edge is here for you! Through a variety of nutritional based services that we provide, we will share our love of good food and support your individual needs by working with you to create a nutritional plan that is perfect for you and your goals.

    Let's start your new plan today!

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    Preventing Repetitive Stress Injuries In Youth Athletics -

    Participation in youth athletics has dramatically increased over the last two decades. Approximately 45 million children ages 6-18 participate in one or more forms of organized athletics.

    Studies have shown that nearly half of all injuries evaluated in pediatric sports clinics are correlate with overuse.

    Repetitive stress on the musculoskeletal system without adequate recovery time can result in chronic injuries triggered by overuse. Include Athletic Edge in your child's training to ensure a long and healthy athletic journey in the years to come!

    Awesome Reviews

    "With the aim of competing at a top level nationally and internationally, it's important to me that I work with the best sports physio therapy team. Christianna is incredibly knowledgeable, and she's been able to handle every issue that I've thrown at her. She has found solutions for every injury, and her attention to detail is impressive. Being the best at my sport is my top priority, I want results and solutions. I highly recommend Athletic Edge for physio and sports therapy."
    - Kate E.

    "Thank you Athletic Edge for making my running goals come true. With the help of the great work from the therapists at Athletic Edge, I went from being in pain while just walking to finish the 2012 San Francisco Marathon, to being able to successfully complete my first ultra-marathon without any pain..."
    - Cory G.

    "I hesitated to write this because I selfishly don't want Christianna's availability to go down, but the people need to know… She was able to pinpoint potential root causes of my pain and provide exercise solutions to fix it. I have never encountered a PT who can offer these dimensions so aptly. Trust me, professionals like her are rare… This was worth every penny to actually get proper treatment and care to get back on my feet and enjoy the activities I love..."
    - Chase L.

    "Christianna managed to fix a running injury to a tendon and worked with me on my running form, strength, and flexibility to prevent it from happening again. To my amazement, I was actually able to run a marathon 3 months after physical therapy. My injury hasn't reappeared, and my running times are stronger than ever. Awesome job, can't recommend highly enough."
    - Dave C.

    "These guys are amazing. Athletic Edge is probably best described as a one of a kind sports health center with physiotherapy, massage therapy, exercise physiology, and more. I first came in for a consult for my tennis elbow. My gym routine and technique were identified as the source of the problem. They did a full assessment, and I received hands on treatment and simple exercises to get the rehab started. When I was pain free, they reviewed the technique of my gym exercises, and even helped design a better gym program. I'm all recovered now, but I go in regularly for structural integration. 10/10!"
    - Mary W.

    "I have worked with sports physical therapists around the world, that were supposedly the best of the best. Christianna is by far the best sports therapist that I have ever worked with. She sees things with the human body that nobody else notices. If you want results, this is your place."
    - Ken H.


    Our Experience

    Our sports therapists have trained with our founder and Sports Injury Specialist Christianna Aronstam, who was the team therapist for the Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons, and Vanderbilt Athletics for 8 seasons. We also have experience with sports teams & professional athletes from the NFL, Formula 1, MLB, NHL, World Cup, MLS, Olympians and international Rugby teams. We collaborate with local doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and other health care professionals.


     About Athletic Edge

    Athletic Edge was established in 2002 by; sports medicine specialists, athletes, coaches, researchers and therapists from around the country who wanted to participate in the advancement sports medical therapy techniques. We have helped individuals and athletes of all ages and abilities to maximize their capabilities and perform at the optimal level possible.

    At Athletic Edge, we utilize specific therapies that provide important benefits to the following: recovery process from athletic and occupational injuries (including musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries), prevent future injuries, and enhance your performance levels.

    The therapists at Athletic Edge specialize in; injury rehabilitation, sports nutrition, sports therapy, structural integration, biomechanical and postural assessments, sleep science, ergonomics, and therapeutic massage therapy. Our therapists have helped people with neck and back pain, herniated discs, nerve pain (e.g. sciatica), scoliosis, and sports injuries (e.g. IT band pain and torn or pulled muscles). We utilitze multiple soft tissue manipulation techniques including; active release (ART), myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, structural integration (Rolfing) and trigger point therapy. We pride ourselves in making every treatment individualized, to provide the best treatment to everyone. We assess and educate you about the cause of your pain or discomfort, and provide tools to aid in the rehabilitation and injury prevention.

    The staff of Athletic Edge is comprised of licensed sports therapists who share the common goal of helping athletes achieve their dreams. The techniques used not only treat athletic injuries and chronic pain, but also assist in the prevention of future damage. Sports therapy should be included in the training regimen for athletes of all levels. Make Athletic Edge part of your wellness plan today!

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    Let us fix the problems that no one else can! We get results!

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